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Town of Erving

Erving, MA

A town offering a scenic ride along the Millers River and wonderful recreational opportunities in state forests and at Northfield Mountain.


The first settler in Erving built a log house on the Millers River and set up a toll booth—even then, in 1802, he knew folks wanted to travel along the river. The same is true today—visitors still enjoy the scenic drive through this linear town (it is ten miles from east to west but only two from north to south) and the wonderful attractions in its three villages. About 1,500 people live in Erving’s 14 square miles.

Erving Center to the east, famous for its paper mills, is the hub of business and government activity; Farley Village a little further west, once graced with summer hotels, still offers lovely views of the river and nearby mountains; and Ervingside on the west is for practical if not tax purposes part of the Montague village of Millers Falls, a magnet for crafts and food. The town ends on the west at the breathtaking French King Bridge across the Connecticut River.

Recreational opportunities abound in Erving. The Millers River attracts picnickers and anglers, from town parks on the Erving side or at the Millers River Wildlife Management Area; canoeists and kayakers enjoy the quiet sections and the nationally renowned whitewater rapids of Farley Flats. The Metacomet-Monadnock Trail passes through town and through the huge Erving State Forest, which offers a full range of activities. Erving Castle, actually a cave with a curious history, is a popular hiking destination. Other activities, including occasional natural history programs, are offered at Northfield Mountain Recreation Area, most of which lies within Erving but whose main entrance is in Northfield.


Follow Rte. 2 into Erving Center.

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Town Hall
East Main St.
Erving, MA 01344

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