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Barton Cove Recreation & Camping Area

82 French King Hwy., Gill, MA
(413) 863-9300

A beautiful rocky peninsula in the Connecticut River, great for a day trip or camping. Rental canoes and kayaks.


Situated on a beautiful rocky peninsula jutting into the Connecticut River, Barton Cove is a great place for a day trip or camping. A scenic 1-mile nature trail along a rocky ridge overlooks the river and passes an abandoned dinosaur footprint quarry.

Rental canoes and kayaks are available. Birders delight in the bald eagles nesting on an island in the cove, or watch from their computers via an eagle-cam.

Nearby is the Northfield Mountain Environmental and Recreation Center, with other recreational opportunities. Northfield Mountain and Barton Cove are operated by FirstLight Power Resources and parent company, GDF SUEZ Energy North America.


On Rte. 2.

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FirstLight Power
99 Millers Falls Rd.
Northfield, MA 01360

Phone: (413) 863-9300
Email: northfield@gdfsuezna.com
Web: www.gdfsuezna.com/recreation


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