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Photo: MassWildlife

Photo: MassWildlife


(617) 626-1590

Adminstrator of state wildlife management areas for conservation, fish, and game and overseer of fishing and hunting.


Technically the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, MassWildlife was founded in 1866 as a fisheries commission, but has evolved into an agency charged with the protection, restoration and management of the state’s flora and fauna. Part of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, the agency’s many programs include protecting land; monitoring, restoring, researching and managing wildlife; regulating wildlife possession and use; providing recreational opportunities; and spreading the wildlife message. MassWildlife lands in the North Quabbin region include the following wildlife management areas:

     Birch Hill WMA (Roylaston)
     Cass Meadow WMA (Athol)
     Fish Brook WMA (Royalston)
     Orange WMA (Orange) 
     Lawrence Brook WMA (Royalston)
     Millers River WMA (Athol, Royalston and Phillipston) 
     Millers River WMA (Wendell)
     Phillipston WMA (Phillipston, Petersham, Barre and Hubbardston) 
     Popple Camp WMA (Phillipston and Petersham) 
     Tully Mountain WMA (Orange)
     Wendell WMA (Wendell) 

One of MassWildlife's functions is fish stocking. In addition to stocking waters in the WMAs listed above, the agency also stocks the following ponds in the North Quabbin:
     Lake Mattawa (Orange)
     Lake Rohunta (Orange
     Laurel Lake (Erving)
     Moore's Pond (Warwick)
     Sheomet Pond (Warwick)
     Tully Lake (Royalston)

MassWildlife maintains district offices in Belchertown and West Boylston; see the resources above for contact information.


Division of Fisheries & Wildlife
251 Causeway St, Suite 400
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: (617) 626-1590
Email: Mass.Wildlife@state.ma.us
Web: www.mass.gov/dfwele/dfw/


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