C & M Rough Cut

Jim Conkey has operated a small sawmill in New Salem for twenty years, but his family has been in the business for generations. His great grandfather had a mill by the river in Belchertown, powered by a 60 horsepower Rodney Hunt water wheel. The mill, which like many sawmills burned several times during its history, was passed down to his grandfather, and then his father purchased the mill in 1958.

Jim didn’t like the lumber business, and instead joined the military in 1964. However, he got back into the business in the 1970’s working at a small sawmill in Orange, and later buying his current mill next door to the Quabbin reservoir for $8000. He has kept it small, and now operates the mill with one part-time assistant. He saws about 400,000 board feet each year, in equal proportions of pine, hemlock, and low-grade hardwood. He gets value out of smaller logs than other mills in the region, and produces rough cut lumber which is available for sale in his sawmill yard on the days of the week that he’s not in the woods logging.


Jim Conkey
Old North Dana Road
New Salem, MA 01355

Phone: (978) 575-0475


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